Monday, February 1, 2010

Beautiful Long Article in The Press Democrat

On Saturday January 30th we had a nice long article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat about seed saving and The West County Community Seed Bank. Check it out!!
Because of the article we had our largest seed bank gathering ever. Over 35 people. Lots of seed went out the door, making it even more important that we grow the number of people growing out seed. We have people committed to growing out two varieties of peas and Phil Persons is going to organize a broccoli trial with 4 different varieties- Nutri Bud, Decicco, Calabrese, and Waltham 29. Yeti is spearheading a carrot trial and grow out, which takes us all the way to next summer- varieties include Touchon, Danvers half long, St. Valeries.
We hope that everyone who takes seed, commits to grow out something for seed and brings us back something.
Next Seed Bank is going to be in Sebastopol again.

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